We want to thank everyone who attended the fundraiser last Sunday. Claremont United Church of Christ hosted an amazing evening where we came together, shared a delicious meal, shared our stories, danced the night away to amazing live Arabic music and most of all, let our newly arrived refugee families know that we welcome them, we stand with them and are here for them as they resettle in America!

One of the highlights of the evening was when the Los Angeles Arabs Orchestra played a very famous song, that is dear to our families hearts. It is a song about Syria and the lyrics narrate that while many Syrians have had to leave their home have had to leave, they still have love their heart for their country and the beauty it once held. It was a powerful moment to see our family members dancing and expressing pure joy, as our supporters watched in awe at the power that comes welcoming your neighbor.

Wishing all of you amazing humans, our Canopy supporters, a fantastic Friday!


Founder, Claremont Canopy