Several Canopy families have been impressing with their amazing food and are available to cater parties, work lunches, and business or personal events. They can provide menus that include anything from appetizers to full dinner spreads. They will work with you to determine what menu will fit your needs. Consider them and their amazing Syrian food for your next event! Contact us at for more information.

New Arrivals supper club

Begun in Los Angeles in early 2017, the New Arrival Supper Club aims to empower newly settled refugees through opportunities to earn money, meet their new communities and share their culture through food. Claremont Canopy has partnered with the New Arrival Supper Club to host events in Claremont and the Inland Empire.

Next Event

Exciting news! Word has gotten out about how good the food is! One of our families recently catered an Academy screening in Hollywood of famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's documentary "Human Flow." They impressed their clientele so much that it led to a regular gig with a Hollywood production company.

Look out for an announcement of our first Canopy Supper Club event coming soon to Claremont!

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