Summer Update!

As summer begins to wrap up and the kids are getting ready to get back to school this August, I wanted to check in and let you know what Canopy has been up to! Summer gets a little hot here in SoCal so we’ve all been busy trying to beat the heat!

Our Canopy kids are busy with summer school and local camps! We would like to send our sincere thank you to the fabulous people at the Claremont Education Foundation for making it possible for some of our kiddos to participate in the SLICE summer enrichment classes. We would also like to thank the amazing humans at the Inland Valley Repertory Theatere program in Claremont, they sponsored two of our young kiddos to attend their two week long theater camp. It warms my heart to see the community rallying around our new arrival children and making sure they have the opportunity to participate in local summer programs. We would not be here, and we would not be making this impact, without you!


Our canopy continues to have a broader reach, we are adding one to two families every few weeks! We recently met with a family from Kuwait and were taken by adorable Faisal. He is an 8 year old cutie who loves America and loves dominating the soccer field. Mom is attending college here and they are both looking forward to the day when Dad and Faisal’s two little sisters can join them here in Southern California.

image1 (3).jpeg

I serve on the board of a local interfaith group in Claremont, the Inland Valley Interfaith Working Group for Peace in the Middle East. We had our monthly meeting this week at the local Mosque to discuss our upcoming meeting with Representative Judy Chu! (We also are busy planning our annual interfaith walk for the fall. Stay tuned!) I leave these meetings filled with hope for our world. This group consists of local faith leaders from ALL faiths. We stand united in our efforts to find ways to promote peace both locally and abroad. We represent a diverse group of people and beliefs, but are dedicated to be an example of unity and peace, as we work together to make the world a better place.

In today’s world it is more important than ever to welcome your neighbor, embrace our differences and empower individuals to help. We at Canopy are working to counteract the effects of dehumanizing the migration experience. We will continue to use our voices to increase awareness of the resettlement experience and with your help, we can work together to make America a safe and welcoming place for all.

Together, we got this!


Director and Founder, Claremont Canopy