The school year has ended here in Claremont, we are always beaming with pride at the end of the year with the accomplishments of our Canopy kiddos but this year was a special one. We had FOUR of our Canopy girls graduate from Claremont High School. These girls have all only been in the United States for a few years, they came to this country speaking no English and uncertain what their future in America would be. As we sat in the bleachers, we heard the names of these young women be called we watched them cross the stage and get their diploma as their proud parents and family members snapped photos and cheered. It was a very moving moment. When you ask each and every one of our families why they fled their country and came to America they all answer, “to give our children a chance at a better life.” That afternoon was a big step in this process and their journey of resettlement. Rama, Nermen, Dayla and Miriam, we are so very proud of you and can’t wait to see what amazing things you will accomplish as you head off to college next fall. The future is yours!

The story of these four girls is not a unique one, let alone a finished one. Visit our donations page to donate to these girls journeys toward a higher education; or make a general contribution to ensure we can continue to provide resources to all our Canopy kiddos!

We adore you and we are so happy you and your families are here!