A Month of Ups and Downs

The last month at Canopy has been full of celebration and joy, and, unfortuantely, moments of hardship as well.


Our community pulled together when baby Masa, the child of one our families was injured in an accident that left her with shards of glass in one of her eyes. The family rushed to the Children’s Hospital LA, and doctors quickly focused on giving Masa the best care possible. Yet in a miserable twist of fate, on the day Masa was released from CHLA, her worn out dad, Rami, collapsed from abdominal pain. He had to be operated on in an emergency appendectomy. The road of recovery for the family will be long and arduous, but they send their deep appreciation for the love and generosity all you Canopy supporters have shown!

art walk.jpg

In a more lighthearted evening on August 4th, Claremont’s monthly Art Walk featured work from a Syrian artist who is donating part of the proceeds of his paintings to Claremont Canopy. New York-based Hadi Toron’s paintings will be exhibited and available for purchase until the end of September at the Claremont Chamber Office.


In July,  were happy to return to the Islamic Center of Southern California in LA for a meeting with the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the One America Movement.  Both organizations encourage Americans from all backgrounds to come together to unite in their efforts for community integration in their communities. This is at the core of Claremont Canopy’s mission, so we are excited to collaborate with such fantastic organizations!

We want to say Mabrook (congratulations) to one of our Canopy families, in which all five family members received their green cards this week. For most of our families their journey to America has been long, and the outcome, often unknown. After many years of waiting with fear and hope, seeing their name printed on a card that says “United States of America PERMANENT RESIDENT” is a big step in feeling like this country is their new home.

Lastly, here at Claremont Canopy we want to wish all of our Muslim friends a happy Eid al-Adha! The holiday fell on the third week of August this year, as Muslim holidays rotate on a lunar calendar. It is one of the two most holy days in Islam honoring the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God.  Our Muslim neighbors celebrate by gathering together and exchanging gifts. Eid Mubarak!