Hello Claremont (and Beyond)!

It's an exciting moment for us. For months we've been scheming and planning, building relationships and creating structure. We're taking what we've learned as founding members of a local refugee resettlement team, looked at what works and what doesn't, assessed what the long-term needs of families are, and built an organization that puts the needs of resettled families first.

Claremont Canopy will be addressing core elements of long-term refugee success: Employment, Education, Health Care, and Empowerment. We will be partnering with leaders in community, local government, and business to ensure that we can offer the very best relationships and resources. We will be maintaining a Community Advisory Board for this purpose.

We will also work with our partners at Miry's List and the New Arrivals Supper Club to utilize the power of social media and crowdsourcing so that anyone who wants to help with refugee resettlement can easily do so.

Are you excited? We are. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages, get on our mailing list, donate to support our mission. E-mail us if you're interested in volunteering, advising, or have any special expertise to lend. Claremont Canopy is a community driven organization and we welcome your help! There is a lot of work to be done, let's get started!