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Claremont Canopy began when four women took the passion and energy they had for resettling families through a local resettlement team and started thinking about a bigger picture.

Claremont is a beautiful town with a welcoming community, a thriving arts and food scene, and award-winning schools from the primary to the collegiate level. It's a safe, comfortable place to raise a family.

We have all seen the images and read the stories from all over the world detailing refugee and forced migration movements. Getting to safety and being resettled as a refugee is only half the story, however. Once in their new homes, refugees face daunting obstacles such as language barriers, difficulty finding employment, prejudice, and the stresses of everything they've experienced. We're here to address that.

We will be working with leaders in the community to provide resources for employment, education, and community integration. We will be there to guide resettled families as they navigate towards a more stable and successful life in this country.

At Claremont Canopy, we dream big. And then we go out and make it happen. Why don't you join us?

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