New Beginnings

It's an exciting day at Claremont Canopy! Today was move-in day for one of our refugee families. They joined us back in mid-April, coming to California from Syria by way of Connecticut--- two parents, four kids, and a baby on the way. A month and a half later and after taking care of so many other things, they finally found a house in the area and are moving in. They started their stay here using the rooms generously offered by Pomona Presbyterian Church. From there, they moved into a motel in Claremont as their kids got enrolled and started school. In the meantime, the house hunt was long and exhausting.

Affordable housing is a real need in this community. We plan on making this a priority for our group. We'll get educated about it, making connections with the city and with affordable housing providers, and figure out how to make this lovely area a viable option for everyone.

But for now, we celebrate! After a long journey, Claremont's new residents have a place to call home.